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Here’s how you can be an elite mobile gamer with Infinix NOTE 30 5G’s ultra-fast gameplay

June 9, 2023 9:00 p.m.

While the rising popularity and accessibility of most mobile games, such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, mean that anyone can easily pick up and play them, there will come a point where you just want to level up your game and win more.

Some find that going pro is a lucrative way to earn money and win fame simply for playing the game you love—while others just love winning a lot for bragging rights. (The game has local rankings, and being a top player in your area is definitely something to flex.)

So if you want to be better at your game of choice, here are a few simple (yet high-effort) ways to “git gud”:

  1. Study the metagame

Online games don’t exist in a vacuum. Developers constantly both add and take away new things, and the way people play at one point won’t ever be the same, say, a few months from then.

That’s why it’s always important to stay updated with the different movements in the metagame—if you log on and play the same way you did a while back, be prepared to be shocked (sometimes in a good way, but mostly in a bad way). There are a lot of resources to study, like tutorial videos, dedicated game websites, and even game livestreams.

  1. Practice, practice, practice

Of course, you can’t win games just by studying. Everyone knows this; you’ve gotta practice because all that theory doesn’t apply to the actual game.

One thing—though it’s totally fine to practice on your own, team games require you to have chemistry and knowledge of how your teammates generally play. You won’t always get better when it comes to playing with a team when you queue up with random players on the internet, so if you want a shot at winning official tournaments or you just want to rank up with your friends, get your squad in regular practice sessions. It’s a lot better that way.

  1. Do what works for you

Mobile games have made it incredibly easy to play genres that usually worked a lot better with a keyboard and mouse thanks to successful in-game designs, but you don’t have to stop there.

The beauty of these games is the ability to customize controls and control schemes. For some games, you can change where buttons are to suit your playstyle and produce better results. If you want to take it a step further, you can use controllers specifically made for smartphones, especially if your fingers tend to sweat a lot. All of this isn’t really cheating—gaming is trying to find the best way to play, and if that works for you, you should definitely make these changes to be a better gamer.

And doing what works for you also includes having a great phone for gaming—If you want to be an elite player at your game of choice, it’s time to gear up with the latest and the best! Infinix Philippines recently launched the Infinix NOTE 30 series, the newest addition to its impressive line-up of gaming-optimized phones.

So, what can we expect from the Infinix NOTE 30 5G? It’s got competitive specs that allow you to run any of your favorite mobile games smoothly, namely its 5G Dimensity 6080 5G Processor that has the latest Android 13 operating system, as well as the power of its up to 16GB Extended RAM 8+8 GB. You can also download all the games you want with up to 256 GB of storage, making sure you never run out of space.

It’s also got cutting-edge charging features that set this phone apart from all the rest. Gamers can enjoy up to two hours of nonstop gaming with the Infinix NOTE 30’s large 5,000mAh battery. Its fast charging technology, which allows you to charge the battery to 75% in just 30 minutes, will be helpful for when you’re on the go and need a quick power up. The Bypass Charging feature ensures that the phone will stay cool while charging.

On top of that, there are also multiple ways you can charge your Infinix NOTE 30—wired or reverse charging.

So what are you waiting for? Be the best in the game by getting the ultra-fast NOTE 30 now—here’s where you can get it:

NOTE 30 5G:

●       256GB: P9,999 (available in official Infinix kiosks and concept stores nationwide, and via Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok)

●       128GB: P9,499 (available in official Infinix kiosks and concept stores nationwide, and via Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok)

NOTE 30 4G:

●       256GB: P8,499 (available in official Infinix kiosks and concept stores nationwide, and via Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok)

●       128GB: P7,999 (available in official Infinix kiosks and concept stores nationwide, and via Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok)

Find out more about the Infinix NOTE 30 Series via the official Infinix website and Facebook page.


LG honored with multiple awards for Innovative Product Design at IDEA 2023

September 4, 2023 3:11 p.m.

LG Electronics (LG) has once again been recognized for outstanding product design, earning 13 awards at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2023, announced at the International Design Conference in New York, New York.

The LG PuriCare AeroTower, an air purifier that can also be used as a side table and mood lamp, was honored with a Bronze Award at yesterday’s conference. Offering personalized performance and design options, as well as a compact form factor, LG’s air purifier can be tailored to match any home interior and is ideal for smaller spaces. With its latest win, the LG PuriCare AeroTower has now been recognized by all three of the world’s top industrial design award programs: IDEA, the Red Dot Award and iF Design Award.

Another IDEA 2023 honoree, the LG OLED Flex (model LX3) is an innovative TV featuring the world’s first bendable 42-inch OLED screen. The LX3, which made its international debut at IFA last year, offers a new level of screen customizability – its self-lit display able to go from completely flat to spectacularly curved with the push of a button.

“The achievement from this year’s IDEA is the result of the synergy between customer experience-centered technology and aesthetics,” said Hwang Sung-gyul, head of the Design Management Center at LG Electronics. “We will continue to improve the level of perfection by reflecting innovative customer experiences beyond the existing framework in product design by constantly communicating and empathizing with customers.”

Organized annually by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), IDEA is one of the world’s leading design award programs, recognizing exceptional achievements in the area of industrial design while taking into consideration various factors relating to design strategy, digital interaction, the environment, and social impact, when selecting award recipients.

Life’s about more than having the latest technology, rather, it’s about the experiences technology creates that impact our lives. LG Electronics Philippines delivers consumer electronics through top-of-the-line home entertainment appliances that prepare Filipinos for their greatest moments. LG promises to bring “Innovation for a Better Life” nationwide – from Luzon, to Visayas, and Mindanao. LG products are available via and through its flagship stores in Lazada and Shopee. For more information, visit and follow their social media channels on FacebookInstagramTiktok and Youtube (@lgphilippines).

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TCL AAT Inverter+ Refrigerators take lead to healthier lifestyle

July 10, 2023 4:33 p.m.

TCL, the leading consumer electronics brand and the world’s top two TV brand, launches their latest Free Build-In refrigerator that is highlighted by three defining features based on TCL’s advanced technology and elevated design. 

Just in time for this month’s celebration of Nutrition month, TCL introduces the newest Refrigerator line up that reflects TCL’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge home technology at reasonable prices while enabling users to live healthier, more environmentally friendly, and more practical lives.

Introducing TCL’s Flagship Smart Fridge with Health and Energy-Saving Benefits

TCL’s AAT Inverter+ is set to be the best accessible high-tech top-mount refrigerator on the market and a great example of the powerful functionality featured across the TCL Refrigerator lineup.

With Filipino families becoming more health conscious than ever before, TCL AAT Inverter+’s Healthy Fresh functions are equipped with smart functions to keep your food chilled at the right temperature and ensure it stays fresher for longer, with the innovative Multi Air flow system, AI radar, and the Automatic Anion-releasing Technology (AAT) .

Speaking of better care of health, TCL’s AAT Inverter + also puts emphasis on its care for the planet. Its Twin Eco Inverter provides the perfect cooling environment for food, which not only enables long-lasting freshness but also saves energy and money. The Twin Eco Inverter also provides a steady temperature inside the refrigerator which inhibits the growth of ice, a process known as Total No Frost. Food remains frost-free so there is no need for manual defrost and no danger of food sticking to the walls of the refrigerator or being frozen when placed towards the back.

Lastly, the Easy-Using features give the user experience a premium feel, with little adaptations to make life more convenient, such as large storage space, Twist Ice Maker to freeze, unmold and store ice cubes with a simple gesture.

The TCL’s Varied Refrigerator Range Suited for Every Filipino Family

Aside from TCL AAT Inverter+, TCL has an extensive range of refrigerators to suit every Filipino family’s needs. The TCL FreshPro Direct Cool+ line is an accessible but highly functionable range, with precise temperature control allowing for accurate cooling to ensure optimum conditions to preserve freshness. TCL FreshPro Direct Cool+ Refrigerators are designed to be running at low noise thanks to innovative compressors, ensuring you are never disturbed by humming or buzzing, and soft LED lighting offers excellent illumination of the fridge contents whilst saving on energy consumption.

Regarding the energy saving aspect, like the TCL AAT Inverter+, The TCL FreshPro AAT Inverter Max collection also comes with a Twin Eco Inverter, which allows accurate temperature control whilst reducing energy consumption and noise for a quieter and more environmentally friendly option. What’s amazing is that the TCL FreshPro AAT Inverter Max range comes equipped with powerful cooling functions – with just a press of one button, the Power Cool increases the cooling rate to chill your drinks and food rapidly whilst the Power Freeze further enhances the cooling effect to freeze food and ice. The Max Space feature allows families to customize storage within the fridge to suit their requirements, with daily items organized to be easily accessible whilst optimizing the space available allowing the ability to stock up on family favorites.

Discover TCL’s range of refrigerators to suit every consumer’s requirements, rolling out across retailers in the Philippines this month.

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Huawei’s Sabrina Meng: Embracing 5G transformation

June 28, 20237:30 p.m.

SHANGHAI — At the opening day of MWC Shanghai 2023 today, Sabrina Meng, Huawei’s Rotating Chairwoman and CFO, gave a keynote titled “Embracing 5G transformation”.

“5G has been in commercial use around the world for four years now. It’s driving new value creation, and 5.5G is the next step forward,” said Meng. “Science and technology are moving towards large, complex systems. This requires matching technology to specific scenarios and performing systems engineering, in order to pave the way for 5G’s ongoing success.”

5G is creating value along three different fronts

Science fiction can only sketch the future. But science and technology can turn imagination into reality.

5G has been in commercial use for four years now. Across all industries and countless households around the world, it’s changing the way we work and live, creating tremendous economic, industrial, and social value.

For consumers, 5G, cloud, and AI have set off a chain reaction, creating an environment where all buyers can also be sellers.

For industries, 5G has become a new driver of productivity. There’s greater alignment than ever between technology suppliers, their partners, and customers on where 5G can provide the most value. Strategic patience, in-depth understanding of industrial scenarios, and ongoing improvements to ROI have given 5G a foothold in industrial applications.

Moving ahead, 5G will give rise to new devices and applications that deliver a more immersive experience, like 5G New Calling and naked-eye 3D. 5G is also ushering in a new era of super-connectivity between things, bringing new strength to IoT networks and driving new forms of productivity.

5.5G is the next step forward for 5G. 5.5G will feature 10-gigabit downlink speeds, gigabit uplink speeds, the ability to support 100 billion connections, and native AI. It will not only connect people better – it will also create incredible new business opportunities with more targeted support for industrial needs in domains like IoT, sensing, and advanced manufacturing.

Taking 5G to the next level and paving the way for ongoing success

The ladder to success isn’t built on ongoing progress with a single technology. It’s built on matching technology to specific scenarios and real-world needs. And systems engineering is key to taking the next step up.

The commercial deployment of 5G has created a growing appetite for more groundbreaking, leapfrog innovation. So what will take 5G to the next level, and how will it provide greater value in different vertical markets?

This will require finding the right technology for different scenarios and performing more comprehensive systems engineering. This will also require diving deeper into industrial scenarios, truly understanding customers’ pain points, and adopting a more holistic systems engineering mindset.

The industry needs to work more closely together both up and down the value chain – with peers and partners, customers and developers – on solution modeling and optimization, as well as tools and methodologies. The industry also needs to pave the way for ongoing success throughout the entire product lifecycle, from R&D and procurement, to supply and marketing.

Building up integrated capabilities and exploring the future of communications

The digital infrastructure of the future intelligent world will be deeply integrated into every aspect of people’s lives, industry, and society. It won’t be based on advancements in individual technologies, but rather on incredibly massive, complex systems – the convergence of multiple elements. It’s going to require systems-level thinking and design.

When watching a chess game, you can see the big picture. But when you’re playing chess, you focus on the details. Likewise, systematic capabilities to integrate technology and transform management are critical for the future success of 5G.

Meng spoke about two specific types of integrated capabilities. “The first is integrating different technologies. We can achieve greater synergy across cloud, networks, edge, and devices through systematic design and cross-domain innovation. When coupled with optimization across software, hardware, chips, and algorithms, we can address the challenges associated with developing complex solutions for vastly different industrial scenarios.”

“The second,” she continued, “is the ability to integrate different approaches to management. Digital and intelligent transformation is not just about technology itself. It’s more about transforming your approach to management. Going digital requires redefining the relationships between people, events, things, and theory, and adopting a more open, forward-looking management approach to address future challenges.”

Meng concluded: “Information technologies like 5G, 5.5G, AI, and cloud will help us rise with the tide and take us forward to an intelligent world. The best scenery is always ahead. Let’s create a bright future together.”

In the Philippines, the three major telecommunications service providers have rolled out 5G networks nationwide to offer better network services and optimize the potential of innovative technology.

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