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SUB ROSA invites new readers on Hanihara’s Poetry Collection


Posted on Nov. 25, 3:00 p.m.

SUB ROSA: The Crucifix of a Poet and other Poems is a collection of written works by Maria Linda Hanihara, an award-winning creative writer, editor, lawyer, wife and a devoted mother to her special child, Mina Ellen.

Launched recently via online, the poetry book is the author’s open vault containing a compilation of her thoughts, feelings and experiences about her personal life, and more importantly, her journey with her daughter.

First printed in May 2014, Sub Rosa features poems she has written over a span of several years that the poet had kept to herself.  For Linda then, writing was more of a hobby while she pursued other fields of study, but her brilliance with the pen shined through even without the grind.

“Writing has always been her life’s passion. She would write poems everywhere she goes, especially when she’s travelling,” according to Milagros F. Viernes, Linda’s sister.

But admittedly, she was “on a mission to undermine her gift” and never got around to compiling her works to the least- of the many poems scribbled on the pages of her notebooks, pad papers, diaries and others, much less to have it published as a collection. It was only through her sister Milagros F. Viernes’ encouragement that made her come up with a book.

The poetry book offers 125 poems, including the masterpieces that first appeared in Focus magazine, 1976, 1980; Literary Apprentice, 1981-82; Inspirations in Ink, 1992, and Caracoa III, 1983.

“The collection gives a picture of a woman who is intelligent, very emotional and passionate, and very hurt. Frailty and strength mix in her like soda and gin, though her strength is usually a front and takes more force with each betrayal and searing disappointments in her love affairs, whether romantic or otherwise… (Sub Rosa) is interesting for the stuff in it,” wrote Filipino poet Ricardo de Ungria.

Assistant Professor Rosella Torrecampo, one of Linda’s friends, has this to say, “National Artist Francisco Arcellana always said that we can only write about what we know. That is material. But what it is we do to what we know, to turn it into narratives, poetry, drama or any other discourse so far removed from what it is, so these can be what is possible or can be imagined, that is where the magic, akin to omnipotent power that gave rise to creation, gets to be wielded and perfected. Such is the writer’s craft. Such was Linda’s work.”

“SUB ROSA is my offering to appease the past and inspire the future. I recognize the certainties only divine intervention can change. I now embrace tomorrow and accept all the little surprises God has in store for me. I am beginning to really live,” shares Linda and she did live life to the fullest. The second printing of Sub Rosa in June 2017 was dedicated to her passing after she succumbed to breast cancer in 2016.

At a time when social media has become the source of daily buzz and everywhere hype, soulful and poetic people tend to crave for some literary pieces that would speak their minds and feed their inner being; some kind of literary pieces, with old charm just like that of Edgar Allan Poe’s.

 For readers with discerning tastes, the poet has a compilation of unique and classical pieces of poems based on her life’s musings; poems that fire up readers to think deeply of her pains and the angst, and to join in the revelry of her triumphs.

As readers would decipher from her pieces, Linda’s success in life is one wherein the author depicts her loneliness and yearning while caring for her special child. Amidst that, she carried on with her life in gratitude and in God’s grace. Mina Ellen Felipe-Hanihara was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1994. A special child who can not speak or talk, she had her first solo exhibition entitled “LET US BLEND AND BREW, THREE IN ONE FOR KALIKASAN in 2017, sponsored by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in celebration of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week. Featured were 13 beautiful paintings of trees, mountains, flowers and the environment among others. In 2019, she had her 2nd solo exhibition dubbed “September to Remember” again at the DENR where a total of 13 acrylic painting on canvass were displayed at the Biodiversity Management Bureau, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife under the leadership of Ms. Julie Gorospe-Ibuan, Chief of the Stakeholders Management and Conflict Resolution Division. Mina’s paintings were also exhibited at the Philippine Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition was titled Art Beyond the Spectrum of a Girl with Autism.

In between chapters, readers will also find some of the artworks of accomplished painter and the poet’s daughter, Mina Ellen.

SUB ROSA is available only in Amazon.  Please click

About the Author:

Maria Linda Felipe-Hanihara finished her Bachelor of Arts, major in English (Cum Laude) and Bachelor of Laws at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. She has an M.A. in International Relations, major in International Politics, from the University of Japan. She attended both the UP Summer Writers Workshop and the Silliman University Writers Workshop in the late 70s. After a brief stint at the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Office of the Solicitor General, she was based abroad and worked for The Japan Times, a major English daily, as an International Desk and People Page editor and writer/contributor.

Maria Linda Felipe contributed poems to the October 1983 Edition of Caracoa III, the poetry journal of the Philippines Literary Arts Council.

 She was awarded an Accomplishment of Merit for the outstanding literary piece “Flowers” in the book, Inspirations in Ink.


Limited-Edition Tanduay Heritage Rum Celebrates Brand’s Tradition of Excellence

6:26 p.m. April 11, 2024

Tanduay commemorates 170 years of mastery at rum-making with the launch of the Tanduay Heritage, a blend of rums matured through inter-island tropical aging.

“Tanduay Heritage pays homage to our Spanish roots in rum-making, back to our founding in 1854 during the Spanish period in our history. It also represents the brand’s strive for excellence throughout the years as it is blended from Tanduay’s finest reserves from different parts of the country,” said Roy Sumang, Tanduay International Business Development Manager.

Crafted From the Philippines’ Finest

While Tanduay Heritage is a Spanish-style rum, it is 100% crafted by Filipinos and was made in the country’s different islands. It is made from the reserved rums of Tanduay’s aging warehouses in Quiapo, Cabuyao, and Negros, and were column-distilled in Batangas and Negros.

The molasses used in making Tanduay Heritage also came from Negros, and the reserved rums that went into it were aged up to 19 years in oak barrels that were once used for bourbon.

For its packaging, Tanduay Heritage comes in an accordion-type gift box in black with streaks of gold, symbolizing a treasure that is being unveiled. Its bottle is also black and has a natural cork.

A Taste of Tanduay Heritage

Tanduay Heritage has a dark amber color, with elegant and sweet aromas of dried tropical fruits, vanilla, oak, and caramel. It has a medium, smooth, and fruity body and tastes of toffee, creme caramel, pepper, oak, and honey. It has a warming medium-long finish manifesting nuances of molasses cookie and raisin. It is bottled at 40% ABV.

Only 10,000 bottles of the Tanduay Heritage were made in a one-time production. It is available only until supplies last.

“This is one of the most expensive rums that we are introducing. In the U.S., it will retail at around $80 and here in the Philippines, it will be around PhP4,000,” Sumang said.

Tanduay Heritage is now available for purchase at select local and international stores. It will be available at by April. For inquiries, please call Roy Kristoffer Sumang or Rianna Juarez at 8790-0500.

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Henry Sy, Sr.: The legacy endures

Henry Sy, Sr.

October 26, 2023 2:23 p.m.

The story of Henry Sy, Sr., who profoundly changed the way Filipinos shop, dine, and entertain themselves through his SM mall and retail chains, is the stuff of legends. 

Indeed, the well-documented and eventful life story of the Father of Philippine Retailing has been told and retold over the years, providing a rich source of lessons and inspiration to many Filipinos, especially those who are valued partners of the SM Group.

Amelia Manas, co-founder and chairperson of Bruno’s Barbers, did not have the pleasure of directly interacting with Tatang, as Sy was fondly called, but recalls seeing him from afar in one of malls that he had built.

Even then, Manas was inspired to pursue the growth and diversification for Bruno’s Barbers, guided by Tatang’s example of how big things such as SM can come from small beginnings.

Manas draws parallels with the story of Bruno’s Barbers that also started from a single branch in Alabang and has now grown to some 70 branches, of which 35 percent are in SM Malls.

“There is the story of how Henry Sy, Sr. and his family would gather for weekend lunch. We do the same. And like them, we also always end up talking about business,” Manas shared with a smile.

For her son Marco Pascual, who took over the reins of Bruno’s Barbers as president in 2019, Tatang also demonstrated by example how it is important to work for a vision that goes beyond just the business.

“As leaders, what we bring to the table should be beyond oneself. His life and accomplishments will always be an inspiration for me because of his contributions to the economy of the country and the Filipino people,” said Pascual.

Following Tatang’s footsteps, Bruno’s Barbers contributes what it can by providing jobs to some 1,200 people which creates a positive ripple effect for their families and lives that they touch.

 “We at Bruno’s Barbers continue to be aligned with SM. We want to be closer to our customers while providing livelihood for our countrymen,” he said.

“The growth we are experiencing with SM continues to be exciting. With their 2026 goal of 100 malls, we hope to continue reaching new markets in the country which otherwise would have been difficult to penetrate, especially those outside of the Metro Manila area,” Pascual added.

Bruno’s Barbers’ Amy Manas and son Marco

Like Pascual, Adrian Dimacali, Director of the group behind the popular and fast-expanding chain of Mary Grace Cafes that was founded on the baking skills of his mother, Grace, was also encouraged by Tatang’s oft-retold rags-to-riches story, of how rewards inevitably come from honest hard work and discipline.

“I remember one time, my Mom and I were meeting someone and I saw a picture of Henry Sy, Sr. and his family. We were reflecting on how difficult the business was and questioning whether we should keep building. I told her, we are just opening restaurants, they are opening big malls,” he said, “They are doing their part to keep the economy going, to provide opportunities to tenants. I guess we have to keep opening too, to help our people and our suppliers.”

Mary Grace Café opened its first SM branch at SM Southmall in 2012 and from there expanded its SM footprint to 20 cafes out of 73 all over the country and then 31 out of 70 kiosks.

“Now we have a five-year plan because when you reach a certain point, you have to protect what we have built,” said Mary Grace, “That is always my prayer because it is a gift, this business of ours. Good thing that I have my daughter and my sons with me and each have their own talents that make the business whole!” 

Indeed, an example of a family working together like the one nurtured by Tatang, whose diverse companies are now ably run by his children. 

Mary Grace Café’s Adrian and mother Mary Grace Dimacali

Malou Fores, the driving force behind the acclaimed Mamou restaurants, and her husband Jorge “Oye” Araneta Fores, who is in charge of finance and marketing for the chain, can certainly relate to the challenges as well as the rewards from harnessing the power of family to grow an enterprise from the ground up.

And like the Dimacalis, they are constantly inspired by Tatang’s compelling and unique growth story that has lost none of its significance from every retelling.

Jorge shares that Tatang – who had an SM Department Store in the Araneta Center – was a regular visitor to the Cubao home of his uncle, Araneta Group CEO Jorge Araneta, and he recalled how he and his siblings and cousins were not allowed to disturb them while they had their discussions over a hearty home-cooked meal.

“That must have been about 35 years ago when they would have one-on-ones in the house. I was moved by that sight, of these two people I admired who saw each other as equals and partners, not one who is a lessor and one who is a tenant. There was mutual respect,” he said.

Malou and Jorge Fores apply the same principle of partnership and collaboration in the way they are growing their business, seeing SM Supermalls, for example, as an integral partner in the success of Mamou, which now has six restaurants including the latest branch at SM’s S Maison at Conrad Manila.

“I always see business as something that is a partnership. I have worked on both sides, as a mall manager and now as a lessee. I know that for a relationship to work, you cannot say I am a landlord and you are a tenant. It has to be a mutually beneficial relationship,” said Jorge.

That business principle has paid dividends for the SM Group and promises to do the same for the celebrated Mamou.

Mamou’s Malou and son Raul Fores

For Eric Teng, CEO of The Mango Tree and Gengki Sushi, what Tatang went through to grow his empire from the Shoemart store in Manila showed them that to succeed, one must be willing to work harder than everybody else.

“Do it for family. For their security. For their future. Don’t quit. The harder times are just part of life that we overcome,” said Teng.

“I totally agree with Tatang on the value of hard work. Being able to see things others cannot and lead everyone through hard times to thriving times is a gift [of Tatang that] I wish I have. You can’t go wrong by working hard. And we must surround ourselves with people who are equally driven by the same life principles,” added Teng.

Resto PH’s Eric Teng and son Grant

George Mirani, chair of the dominant Mirani Group that retails and distributes internationally recognized fashion and lifestyle accessories brands in the Philippines, certainly shares similar life principles with the Sy family whom they have known for decades.

Indeed, the SM Group has been instrumental in the continuing success of the Mirani Group, which operates 70 concession spaces for timepieces, 31 stores for timepieces such as Watch Republic and Times, and 35 stores for top fashion brands including Parfois, Triumph, Etam, Ever New, and Yves Rocher in SM Supermalls.

Mirani, however, started the group’s relationship with SM back in 1974 when as an 18-year-old, he would sell houseware, gift products, and a number of small appliances such as oven toasters to what was then Shoemart.

Over the succeeding years, as the SM Group rapidly expanded, the Mirani group did, too, diversifying from housewares to distribution of one brand after another. Today, it is one of the most formidable groups in the retail and distribution business, thanks in large part to its partnership with the Sys.

 “What you learn from Tatang through doing business with Tessie [Sy-Coson] is to think ahead,” said Mirani. “From 1976 to until about 1986, we were all, at that time, short-sighted business people. Nobody knew about transformation, where things were headed after the [Ninoy Aquino] assassination. But then there was this gentleman opening a mall. I remember that, at the time, people were saying Tatang was going to go broke and wouldn’t be able to pay the banks,” he shared.

Tatang certainly proved his naysayers wrong, and the opening of SM North Edsa at that time catapulted him to a higher level, Mirani said. And it has continued to reach higher goals long after Tatang’s passing, taking along partners such as the Mirani Group.

Mirani Group Chair George Mirani

Indeed, it seems likely that the SM Group continues to grow, with the reins firmly in the capable hands of Tatang’s children. The smooth transition of the family and the greater SM family, including tenants and partners, is Tatang’s greatest legacy.

In honor of its 65th anniversary, SM is reconnecting with its tenants who have gained valuable insights from Tatang and have grown their own businesses to pass on to the next generation. 

To know more about SM’s 65th-anniversary activities, visit and follow us at @smsupermalls on social media. 

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Lush Lips by The Icon Clinic: More than Just lip service

June 22, 2023 1:39 p.m.

There are countless songs and stories written about the desire to turn back the clock. Many people want to slow down the aging process and hold on to their youth for a little while longer.

While signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and thinning lips are inevitable as one advances in age, and while it is impossible to turn back time, experts like the medical team of The Icon Clinic can help reverse various signs of aging safely.

Having fuller lips gives one a more youthful appearance, and if one desires to have that bee-stung look, they can seek the help of medical practitioners to undergo a procedure like Lush Lips by The Icon Clinic wherein lip fillers are injected into the lips to give them more volume.

According to Dr. Eric “Yappy” Yapjuangco and his team of specialists, lip fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid, a sterile, biodegradable, clear and colorless material used widely to enhance volume. Lush Lips, a newly-launched service by The Icon Clinic, is an in-clinic procedure, which usually takes 15 to 30 minutes and the patient may go home after. 

While the market is flooded with self-administered hyaluronic pens, Doc Yappy cautions the public against using them.

“Lip fillers should be administered by experienced healthcare practitioners to minimize adverse effects. The hyaluronic acid pens available in the market may not be FDA approved and may not be safe at all to be administered into the lips, let alone be self-administered. I would not advice doing this. It may cause adverse effects like allergic reaction to the product, infection, and may ruin the lips. Also, there are people who are not good candidates for lip fillers like those with oral sores or oral infections,” he said.

Doc Yappy attributes the rising popularity of lip fillers to celebrities and bloggers who have openly admitted to getting them. It is considered by many as a positive thing because it removes the stigma of wanting to enhance one’s appearance through cosmetic procedures. 

When asked about the difference between lip fillers and topical lip plumpers, Doc Yappy said, “Lip fillers give volume and shape that lasts for 8 to 12 months (case to case basis). Topical lip plumpers give temporary difference in how the lips would appear, but not as much as having a lip filler. Most lip plumpers will give you that ‘bee stung’ appearance. For longer lasting results, best to have filler injection.”

For people who believe they may have undergone one too many lip filler procedures and are not happy with the results, Doc Yappy assures them that this procedure is reversible as long as what was used was a hyaluronic acid-based filler. 

For those who are interested in getting lip fillers, Doc Yappy has this to say, “Look for a clinic that uses FDA-approved products, research on the appearance of the lips that you want to achieve and discuss it with your healthcare provider/injector if this is achievable to manage your expectations.”

For more information about Lush Lips and other procedures offered by The Icon Clinic, please visit

Watch the video for Lush Lips:

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