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VNG prepares cool action RPGs for Philippine gamers,Ys 6 Mobile: The Ark of Napishtim

April 20, 2022 3:36 p.m.

Ys is a classic Action RPG that has existed since 1987 on PC DOS. This game which has existed for over 30 years, tells the story of Adol Christin and Dogi in their various thrilling adventures.

The story continues so that it presents a unique conflict that is difficult to find in other RPGs.

As a result, the Ys series has loyal fans who always look forward to the latest adventures from Adol and Dogi.

Ys 6 Mobile game is a JRPG masterpiece with it’s well written story, stunning graphics, magnificent music, and various unique features such as Class, Pet, Soul Card, Marriage System, and NPC interaction. You could say this game will be the best 2022 Android and iOS anime game in the Philippines. 

“We are very happy to introduce a well-known JRPG in Japan to the Filipino gamers who have been waiting for a story-driven RPG game. Filipino RPG players will have a great time exploring this series of Ys,” Said JT Briones, Product Lead for YS6 Mobile VNG Philippines.

“Ys is a legendary IP game whose story has existed since 1987 from Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished, to Ys IX: X: Monstrum Nox which was published in 2019. Its well-established world, interesting NPC interactions, anime aesthetics, and voice-over are sure to win an RPG player’s heart here in the Philippines.” said Rica Cacnio, Operations Lead for VNG Philippines.

 Mark your calendars and get ready for an epic JRPG game as pre-registration starts on April 15 to May 3, to be followed by an alpha test on April 21 to 26.

To welcome the pre-launch period, VNG is running a Pre-registration Event, “Make a Wish”, where you can win a top of the line smart phone, gaming gear and all sorts of in-game items that will give you a head start when the game launches on May 6, 2022. What are you waiting for? Head on to our page and sign up for Ys 6 Mobile – The Ark of Napishtim and “Make a Wish”. 

To join the pre-registration “Make a Wish” event, CLICK HERE: 

Stay tuned for more updates and events on Ys 6 Mobile – The Ark of Napishtim at our social media pages and enjoy a Cross-World Adventure! YS 6 Mobile VNG Philippine Social MediaFacebook Page: Facebook Group: YouTube:  TikTok: Instagram:

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Satisfy your cravings with these best-selling Nanyang drinks

September 15, 2023 3:30 p.m.

Nanyang isn’t only known for its Laksa Prawn, Cheesy Chicken Chop Noodles and Singapore’s best selling Hainanese Chicken Rice and Kopi.

It also has several best-selling drinks to whet your appetite and satisfy your sweet tooth, such as Iced Teh Melaka, Kopi Jelly Milk Tea, Milo Dinosaur and Kopi O.

Head over to your nearest Nanyang branches nationwide.

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USA back on top; Germany takes Top 3 spot in FIBA World Ranking

September 15, 2023 1:28 p.m.

MIES (Switzerland) – The recent completion of the prestigious FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 has produced some eye-catching positive climbs in the latest FIBA World Ranking Men, presented by Nike.

USA reclaim pole position with 786.6 points after benefiting from their consistency at major tournaments over the last three summers. Finishing in fourth place at the FIBA Basketball World Cup where they outperformed former number one nation Spain, their run to the Semi-Finals came off the back of winning an Olympic title at Tokyo in 2021 and also taking bronze at the FIBA AmeriCup 2022. 

Recently crowned FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 champions Germany have another slice of history to enjoy as they step into the top three of the rankings for the very first time after moving up a massive eight places and onto 759.7 points. Their stunning success made all the more incredible because of the fact they made the journey to the top step of the podium without tasting defeat. 

Canada also have another reason to celebrate too, with their maiden FIBA Basketball World Cup medal fueling an even bigger rise of nine spots. They now occupy sixth position with 745.5 points. 

Serbia performed in outstanding fashion to make the title game and their second-placed finish gave their fans something to be proud of. Those supporters can also now enjoy and reflect on their country being a top five nation again as they move up a place and into fifth position on 755.6 points.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the scale and impact of climbing the rankings in the upper echelon, nobody can match Latvia. They have rocketed up a staggering 22 places and into the top 10 after their heroic underdog displays which ensured they took fifth place at the FIBA Basketball World Cup. They now sit in 8th position on 743.7 points.

There were many other teams who impressed at the flagship event, including Brazil who recorded three wins in five games and moves up a place into 12th in the rankings on 660.5 points. The Americas region can also boast a nice move upwards of five places into 16th for Puerto Rico on 611.1 points, while Dominican Republic rise six spots into 18th place on 561.9 points.

There were also notable improvements for Georgia who move up 10 positions and into 23rd on 465.9 points, Japan jump 11 spots to 26th on 432.2 points and Lebanon claim an uplift of 16 places into 28th on 423.3.

One nation that truly made everyone sit up and take notice at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 were first-timers South Sudan. They made history by beating China to claim a first win at the event, then pushing on to beat the Philippines and Angola. This has resulted in a sensational climb of 32 spots in the rankings. They now find themselves in 31st place with 375.5 points.

For more information about the method used in the calculation of the FIBA World Ranking Men, please refer to the “How It Works” section.

Click here to view the full FIBA World Ranking Men, presented by Nike.

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Craving Singaporean food? Nanyang’s got your back

Sept. 13, 2023 4:14 p.m.

Craving for Laksa Prawn, Cheesy Chicken Chop Noodles and Singapore’s best selling Hainanese Chicken Rice and Kopi?

Head over to your nearest Nanyang branches nationwide

Cheesy Chicken Pop Noodles
Hainanese Chicken Rice
Laksa Fishball
Laksa Prawn



INSTAGRAM: @nanyangph

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